Bsmart – “Consulting Skill Training Program” with Holland Kitchen Specialist

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20th March, 2015, Bsmart Sales team has joined “Consulting Skill Training Program” that is conducted by Mr Frank Tielens – Hollland Kitchen Specialist.

With almost 20 year experiences kitchen field in Holland, Mr Frank has shared his own real lessons that are drawn from working time with the global kitchen brands.

Bsmart Kitchen is still a young brand; however we are leaving a remarkable improvement in the market by offering the best kitchen for customers. We do not focus on product quality and design only, but we also invest in developing sales forces. They play an important role in communicating, consulting customers.

" The training of Consulting Skill, conducted by Mr Frank Tielen, is really interesting and practical to all sales team in general and to me in particular. In order to consult the "high-class" for "high-end" customer, a consultant himself must be a "high-end" person. Therefore, practicing the soft skills to become the professional consultant is very necessary" - Mr Ngo Duc Hoi , Sales Manager of Bsmart Kitchen & Wardrobe

"I have drawn my own lesson and found out the reason why customers feel unsatisfied when i hear the real customer situation that mr Frank shares. " Taking note customer requirement and listen to customer" seem to be very easy and simple but they are two important first skills to express the professionalism and focus of any consultants. It also make sure the precision of tailor-made kitchen cabinet in details"  - Mr Nguyen Van Chung, Senior Sales Executives


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