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Kitchen is one of the most important spaces in the house that all family members gather, relax, enjoy delicious food and share about everything. Bsmart has set out the process of making a kitchen, from inspring idea to installtion, to make sure that the house owners will have their unique and personalized kitchen.

1. Ideas

All Bsmart kitchen cabinets and wardrobes are designed in order to give home-owners an opportunity to express their individual taste and demand. Some customers know exactly what they expect while others give the initial favored styles via images of completed kitchens.

Aim to bring customers closer to masterpiece of kitchen and wardrobe, Bsmart has created the most unique kitchen showroom in the North of Vietnam, located at villa 27H1, Yen Hoa New Urban, Cau Giay, Hanoi. Showroom does not display products only, but it is designed and decorated as real family kitchen space, which give customers the real kitchen experiences with six senses.

During the time of visiting showroom, the professional team will introduce and consult customers about design, style, function, material, accessories and equipment manufacturers…also listen to your demand, need and want to come up with the perfect idea for kitchen and wardrobe.

2. Measurement

After having a deep and clear understanding of customers, Bsmart specialists will develop the draft ideas. We are the speacialists in interior planning and focus on customer’s needs and possibilites of space also. Understanding the shape, architecture of home with its kitchen position is the root to produce a kitchen design that will satisfy a customer’s needs. The home survey will include electricity suppl, plumbing and drainage. It is the foundation to a kitchen that not only looks wonderful but that is also a pleasure to use.

3. Tailor-made Design

The process of selecting the Bsmart design, layout, equipments, materials, and colours is one of the necessary parts for the owners. Each detail design will contribute to the comforts and conviences for who experiences their own kitchen and the accessories also help optimize the functionality of drawers and cabinet.The convinient storage of cutlery, cooking equipemetns is the core of a standard kitchen design. Become an important role of Bsmart service, designers will make the 3D drawing of kitchen which clients can discuss and review before producing the real one.

4. Order and Install

After having an agreement on all design details, the precise information will be sent to manufacturers. Normaly it takes about 30 – 45 days to produce one kitchen cabinet. Then, Bsmart professional techinician team will come to client’s house for installing and giving instructions.

5. Customer services

Not only being well-known for the high quality and elegant design, Bsmart is also famous for professional customer services and customer support.

  • Annual maintainance: information about order and installation time will be saved in system. Customer service team will be active in keeping contact with clients to check working situation and provide maintainance service if needed.
  • Maintainance as requested: Hotline 0934 221 222 is always available 24/7 to make sure that clients can contact us at anytime. Especially, for clients who live away from Hanoi, our technician team will support at soonest.