Bsmart Journey

The story begins in 1974, the great-grandfather Nguyen Xuan Ho (1918-1994) after many years working as a chef and assistant for the French from Hanoi to his hometown to settle down. He began to produce French-style salons and tea cabinets for many high-ranking officials and bourgeoisie in the countryside of Nam Dinh. Soon, his carpentry reputation spread throughout the region and spread to neighboring provinces. Many people came to him to order and learn the trade, at the peak of his carpentry workshop there were dozens of people at that time. Unfortunately, when he died, the students were scattered to one place because no one was qualified to continue the carpentry workshop.

More than 20 years later, everything seemed to be forgotten, a surprise from his grandson, Mr. Billy Nguyen, having decided to take his fateful turn when he gave up his job as a foreign language teacher, and his grandfather’s two excellent students, decided to build a traditional carpentry profession to build the famous Bsmart brand today from the feeling of Childhood inspiration when using scraps of wood to make jigsaw puzzles at grandfather’s carpentry workshop.

Bsmart is a harmonious combination between elegant European style and Proportional Essence of Asia’s leading artisans. After 14 years of passion and dedication, Bsmart has conquered the Vietnamese elite with a series of super villas, Penthouses and many world-class projects with long experience on the S-shaped strip of land. These products are creating a sure foundation revolution. sure and endless inspiration for Bsmart to become the leading brand and continue to write the interesting story of Vietnamese furniture to the world!

The passion of the artisan

Bsmart is an abbreviation of the words “Be Smart” in English, reminding consumers to “Be Smart” when choosing products and services for themselves. This meaning is our noble mission throughout the process of formation and development with the goal of becoming a prestigious brand chosen by all wise consumers.

“Be Smart” also contains the meaning “Be Smart”. This meaning always reminds us that those involved in creating Bsmart products, whether they are engineers, designers, material selectors, production workers, transportation, installation or maintenance workers, all must highly focused and “correct” in their work in order to bring consumers the most satisfying quality products and services. Each work of Bsmart is a masterpiece with the breath of dedicated artisans. We always try our best so that if you are a smart consumer, you will come to us – the leading brand for a perfect space.

The imprint of time


In 2010, Billy Nguyen and the shareholders achieved a significant milestone in history: the establishment of the luxury furniture brand named Bsmart, aiming to build a Vietnamese legacy from the traditional values of family.

2010 also marked the grand opening of Bsmart’s first showroom in Hanoi. The showroom was designed with elegance and modernity, complemented by a wide range of premium furniture products made from diverse materials.

The establishment of Bsmart and the opening of the first showroom in Hanoi played a vital role in providing customers with a distinguished shopping experience and fostering the development of the furniture industry in Vietnam.


The year 2011 marked a significant turning point in the development journey of Bsmart furniture as it officially launched and made its presence in Ho Chi Minh City. This was a memorable milestone, signifying the expansion and affirming the position of Bsmart in the furniture industry in this region.

From 2011 until now, Bsmart has built an extensive distribution network throughout Ho Chi Minh City and has firmly established its position in the furniture industry.


In 2013, Bsmart Furniture marked a proud milestone when reaching the first 100 customers. This is a great achievement for a start-up in the furniture sector.

What’s special about the first 100 customers milestone is that this not only represents Bsmart’s success, but also a testament to the company’s dedication and reliability in meeting customers’ needs.


In 2016, Bsmart Furniture reached an important turning point when signing an international cooperation agreement with two famous brands of furniture and interior accessories, Baumatic and Asko. This is an important event for Bsmart, helping to expand the product range and give customers more choices.

The international cooperation with Baumatic and Asko has given Bsmart the opportunity to expand the market and raise the level of interior products.


In 2018, Bsmart furniture recorded a memorable milestone in its development journey – celebrating the milestone of 500 customers. This is a proud achievement, proving the trust and appreciation that customers have for Bsmart.

Celebrating the milestone of 500 customers is a recognition of Bsmart’s continuous efforts, which is considered a great motivation for Bsmart to continue to improve the quality of products and services, and to constantly innovate and innovate. created to meet the development of the furniture market.


In 2020, Bsmart expands the scale of its production plant.

This is a significant first, marking the development and strengthening of Bsmart’s production capabilities to meet the increasing demands of customers.


In 2023, Bsmart furniture is pleased to mark a proud milestone – reaching 1000 customers. This is a great achievement and a testament to the appreciation and trust that customers have for Bsmart.

With the milestone of 1000 customers, Bsmart confidently continues to develop and become a reliable partner and top choice in the field of furniture.