Bsmart Team Building – “Be You – Be Smart”

It has become a unique annual cultural tradition of the company, this summer, Bsmart members again experienced a summer trip in two locations, Ho Chi Minh City and Vung Tau.

Team building is always one of the most anticipated activities by the members. With the message “Be You – Be Smart” clearly printed on each uniform, showing the team’s colors and spirit of work as well as fun, Bsmart team had memorable and exciting experiences when participating enthusiastically and overcoming many challenges in the games.

After a period of work in the stuffy office, the members were able to let themselves loose in the natural environment of Binh Quoi Tourist Area and participate in sports games. This is the time when all stress is relieved, and new energy is renewed to work more effectively. More importantly, it is the connection and bonding of each member to build a strong team with the same direction and goals.

Here are some pictures capturing the lively and joyful atmosphere of the Team Building session.