Bsmart – Training session on consulting skills with a chef expert from the Netherlands

The sales consulting team of Bsmart had a training session on kitchen cabinet consultation skills with a specialist from the Netherlands – Mr. Frank Tielens. With nearly 20 years of experience in the kitchen cabinet industry in the Netherlands, Mr. Frank shared practical lessons he learned when working with major global kitchen cabinet brands.

Bsmart Kitchen is currently a young and inexperienced brand, but every day it leaves a mark on the market by bringing perfect kitchen cabinet products to many customers. Bsmart not only focuses on the quality of its products, but also continues to invest in and develop its people, especially its sales consulting team because this is the department that directly works, communicates, and is responsible for the product quality to customers.

“The “Communication Skills” training session by expert Frank Tielen was really beneficial and effective for the entire sales team in general and myself in particular! If we want to advise high-end products to high-end customers, we as salespeople also need to be truly high-end! Therefore, honing soft skills to become a professional advisor is especially important,” said Mr. Ngo Duc Hoi, Head of Sales Department at Bsmart Kitchen & Wardrobe.

“I have learned a lot of valuable lessons and also found the reasons why customers are not satisfied when listening and comparing to real-life situations that Mr. Frank shared! The skills of “taking notes and listening to customers” may seem simple, but these are the first two important skills that demonstrate the professionalism and thoughtfulness of the salesperson while ensuring the accuracy when “tailoring” the kitchen cabinets for customers.” – Mr. Nguyen Van Chung, Sales Consultant at Bsmart Kitchen & Wardrobe.