RICO’s employee life skills training activities.

Not only focusing on work and improving professional skills, but training sessions for members of the company are also highly emphasized. The training sessions and sharing from experts bring more life skills to colleagues. They bring more spiritual values, helping everyone find joy in life, balance their emotions, and truly appreciate what they desire.

The company’s training sessions for its members not only focus on work and advancing professional skills, but also emphasize life skills. These training sessions and expert sharing provide colleagues with more than just technical skills. They offer spiritual values that help everyone find happiness in life, balance their emotions, and truly appreciate what they desire.

We had a wonderful morning, although it was not too long, only two hours, it was enough for RICO members to understand more about themselves. They gained a better understanding of their own nature and learned which job they are suited for.

We always aim for RICO members to be fully satisfied both materially and spiritually. Especially during these difficult times of the pandemic, everyone’s spirit has been heavily affected. Training sessions, or more precisely, sharing sessions like this, will help colleagues in the company feel more comfortable.

You can check out the details of the training session here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pPfz6rCA5s0&t=5s