Crystallization of classic beauty and natural breath in kitchen cabinet design

Bsmart designers are masters at finding a common language in color and emotion between different materials, in order to give each kitchen a breath, a unique, individual and unique personality. This time, the hands of Bsmart artisans skillfully found a common voice between the beauty of natural masterpieces (premium walnut) and the timeless beauty of the interior. classic. From there, the quintessence of kitchen cabinet furniture was born – Grandique II kitchen cabinets.

Inspired by the brilliant, poetic and quiet autumn beauty of Paris, Bsmart designers have created a classic and peaceful Grandique II kitchen space with the dominant red tone from wood. premium walnut. Taking wood as the breath of the design, Grandique II has been enchanted by the hands of artisans to become a delicate connection between classical interior style and the beauty of nature. Here, the pure rustic look of natural wood is fully preserved, displayed on the perfectly carved lines to create a quiet beauty – just like the soul of the owner has experienced and deep. sharp.

The house is the place to keep the wonderful memories of the family home, those memories will follow each of us for the rest of our lives. The most memorable will be the moments when everyone gathers around a small party, celebrates new successes or simply has a daily meal together. Let those beautiful memories be the most complete, let Grandique II be present and keep the fire for your family home. Grandique II is really suitable for homeowners who love a slow life, enjoying every moment of the present.