European beauty in kitchen cabinet design

There is no doubt that Grandique – combination of “Grand” and “Boutique” is an unique Bsmart singature product. It helps differentiate the Bsmart kitchen brand to others in Vietnam and regional market as Grandique is the perfect crystallization of the best things from nature, human and technology. Grandique is unlackable choice for complete the splendour castle and European style villa. Only few persons know that house-onwers in Europe area often must spend thousand hundreds of Euro to possess such luxury and royal products as Grandique. But, with Bsmart skillful craftmen together with Germany techology, we have produced the prominent kitchen cabinet that “made in Vietnam”, yet it does have an amazing completion. It’s Grandique – brand for hard-to-please “God Father” or young home-owners who have a strong passion for long-live history an antique architecture.