Billy Nguyen

"Nothing is perfect, but everything can be better."

Billy Nguyen, born in 1980, is the grandson of the late Nguyen Xuan Ho, a renowned master craftsman in the woodworking industry in Ha Nam Ninh during the 1980s. His grandfather inspired him to establish the BSmart furniture brand with the aim of reviving the traditional woodworking craft of his family after it had been forgotten for 20 years.

Billy lives according to the principles of minimalism and follows the spirit of Buddhism.

“Live without anger, without resentment, without blame.
Live with a smile in the face of challenging obstacles.
Live rising with the morning sun.
Live in harmony with all living beings.”

In his work, he is meticulous and perfectionistic. He is cheerful and friendly, always inspiring his colleagues to improve themselves every day. For him,

“Nothing is perfect, but everything can be done better.”