Modern Kitchen – A Sanctuary for Nurturing Every Family Meal

If cuisine means the ambassador of national culture, then the kitchen embodies the heart of a warm family life. Vietnam’s diverse cuisine, bold flavors, and rich ingredients and spices have earned it renown. Perhaps this is why Vietnamese people always prioritize and show special care for their kitchens. The goal is to turn the kitchen into a stage where talented chefs can unleash their creativity, rather than just a place for cooking. A custom-made, personalized space will ensure absolute harmony and unity in your living space.

Modern Kitchen - A Sanctuary for Nurturing Every Family Meal

The evolution of Vietnamese-European kitchens

In traditional kitchens, the faint aroma of burning straw might evoke memories. The pungent smoke lingers, as grandmothers and mothers solemnly attend to the stove. Traditionally, kitchens were constructed separately from the main living area, typically positioned at the rear of the house to mitigate food odors and smoke from permeating the primary living space. As the country progressed, kitchens progressively merged with living areas while maintaining their distinct identity. Today’s modern cooking space has evolved beyond being a mere “auxiliary space” to become the “heart” of the entire home.

In contrast to Asian culture, a beautiful European kitchen is typically open-plan, connecting the dining area and living room. The spaces serve as a center for interaction and entertainment for every family member. A common feature of open-plan kitchens is the “kitchen island” with a hanging extractor fan above the stove. These layouts help expand the space and enhance the multitasking nature of the kitchen.

Moreover, Europeans prioritize intelligent interiors to optimize cooking efficiency and enhance user experience. Integrated induction stoves, dishwashers, and storage systems are meticulously designed to integrate into the space seamlessly.

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Modern Kitchen - A Sanctuary for Nurturing Every Family Meal

The convergence in modern kitchens

A flat world facilitates cultural exchange and mutual learning among people. Consequently, kitchen design has become increasingly standardized, focusing on functionality and meeting the needs of modern lifestyles. The fusion of European sophistication and the essence of Vietnamese culinary culture is the hallmark of a bespoke kitchen. Personalized kitchens are crafted through meticulous research into the daily habits and aesthetic preferences of each homeowner.

Kitchen island – Transforming the kitchen into a true culinary show

For cooking enthusiasts who can spend hours in the kitchen, a kitchen island is indispensable. Placing a kitchen island not only increases storage capacity in the room but also allows people to connect while cooking. It serves as a gathering spot around which family and friends can gather to enjoy drinks and lively conversations. Depending on the kitchen’s size, the kitchen island can be tailored to fit perfectly. For smaller families, it can serve as a cozy dining area for everyone.

Modern Kitchen - A Sanctuary for Nurturing Every Family Meal

Harmonizing the dominant color palette in the kitchen

Each design will feature a different primary color scheme based on the homeowner’s preferred style. Paired with sturdy wood grain patterns, it exudes a robust, rustic appeal. Conversely, warm, bright tones combined with elaborate patterns enhance the kitchen’s warmth and classical charm.

Diverse storage for dry and wet goods

The side-by-side refrigerator integrates seamlessly into the food storage system. The spice and dry goods area with clear partitions ensures convenient and effortless access. Soft-touch shelves and rollers, crafted from durable stainless steel, maintain their aesthetic appeal and impeccable quality over time.

Modern Kitchen - A Sanctuary for Nurturing Every Family Meal


In the kitchen, it’s not just about cooking; it’s about being the heart of family bonding. It’s where delicious meals are and family memories are nurtured. Creating a warm kitchen space with a unique and distinct character is something many families deeply cherish and prioritize.

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