European Inspiration in the Grandique Kitchen

The kitchen space is where love and togetherness thrive among family members. It is where everyone gathers around warm family meals, sharing everyday stories. From rich homemade dishes to the sound of crisp laughter, the kitchen is meant to store precious moments. Understanding the significance of kitchen space, many families have begun to pay more attention to their kitchen interiors. Inspired by classic European styles, Grandique I was born. It embodies timeless beauty, blending modern technology with impeccable quality. We believe Grandique I will be the perfect addition to create a deeply nostalgic living space.

European Inspiration in the Grandique Kitchen

What is a Modern Classic Kitchen?

A modern classic kitchen combines intricate ornamental details with a bold decorative style. Classic design is considered part of a regal lifestyle, shaped through the cultural heyday of 18th-19th century Europe, and remains popular today.

Transitioning between modern civilizations, people are drawn to ancient values while meeting contemporary living needs. Enter the modern classic style, harmoniously blending classical design with contemporary, timely elements. This fusion redefines timeless beauty, revitalizing traditional heritage without feeling outdated.

In busy kitchen areas, minimizing elaborate patterns facilitates easier movement and upkeep. Thoughtful integration of smart features enhances user experience, ensuring practical functionality alongside aesthetic appeal.

European Inspiration in the Grandique Kitchen


Highlight of Modern Classic Kitchen Design

Visually, the kitchen captivates with meticulous ornamental details that enhance sophistication without overwhelming or cluttering the space. Subtle protrusions on cabinet edges and handles create focal points for the design style. Dominated by neutral tones such as creamy white or wooden browns, it exudes a gentle, refined ambiance while maintaining a sense of luxury.

In achieving a modern kitchen design, technological elements are indispensable. The use of imported stainless steel for automatic pull-out shelves, coupled with smooth-operating sliding rails, ensures convenience in usage. Storage areas are clearly and diversely segmented to accommodate various utensils, allowing homeowners the freedom to shop and organize without concerns about storage capacity.

European Inspiration in the Grandique Kitchen

Natural light plays a crucial role not only in brightening the kitchen space but also in creating a more comfortable and spacious atmosphere. It aids in energy savings and serves to ventilate the area during cooking.

Decorative accents are essential in enhancing the overall aesthetic appeal of the kitchen. Seasonal flower arrangements or a few potted plants near the windows can be utilized for this purpose. They not only soothe the eyes but also purify the air, providing a refreshing and natural ambiance.

A distinctive feature inside Bsmart’s kitchen design

At Bsmart, careful consideration is given to the cooking habits of homeowners to ensure the most harmonious layout. From storage for items (refrigerator and dry goods area) to ingredient preparation (sink area) and finally cooking (stove), every aspect including the island countertop and walking paths are meticulously designed to facilitate smooth movement for family members. All aspects are scientifically planned and meticulously detailed before implementation.

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European Inspiration in the Grandique Kitchen


Grandique I is not just a piece of furniture but a contemporary work of art. It blends the exquisite beauty of classical European culture with a modern and sophisticated spirit. Immerse yourself in the splendid beauty of a cozy Northern European morning, filled with golden sunlight every time you step into Grandique. It creates a space of luxury and sophistication for your elegant lifestyle.

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