International Children’s Day in Viet Nam

Viet Nam is the first country in Asia and the second country in the world to ratify the Convention on the Rights of the Child, the first international legal instrument to comprehensively address children’s rights based on the principle that children have the right to special care, protection and assistance.

In our country, right after gaining independence, June 1-6 and the Mid-Autumn Festival (15/8th lunar calendar) every year have really become jubilant fun festivals for children nationwide.

The first International Children’s Day (1/6/1950) during the period when our nation’s resistance war against French colonialism was going through the fiercest period, but President Ho Chi Minh always thought of the children of the whole country and sent letters of congratulations to teenagers and children. Since then, every year until the Children’s New Year and Mid-Autumn Festival, children across the country have joyfully welcomed Uncle Ho’s congratulatory letter.

Uncle Ho always pays great attention and teaches his grandchildren to be human, of which 5 things he teaches young children have become educational content for the Ho Chi Minh Young Pioneers.

Many people share that everyone has different childhoods, but the Children’s New Year, or Mid-Autumn Festival always inculcates peaceful memories of a pure childhood. No matter where we go, we always remember that childhood. Therefore, give young children beautiful memories of childhood, let them have fun and enjoy their happiness.

International Children’s at Bsmart

At Bsmart, International Children’s International is not only a joy for children, but also an opportunity for the Board of Directors and the Trade Union Board to bring more joy to the little angels of the Bsmart family. Small gifts are prepared, cards are written. Sending love through each well-shaped word, Bsmart gives best wishes to children on International Children’s Day!

Let’s look at their smiles to see how little joy is spread.