Neo-classical Design in Villas – Amalgamation of Sophisticated and Elegance

The neo-classical (neo-classic) design style exudes both luxury and utmost refinement. It stands as one of the most favored design approaches in the contemporary era. Join Bsmart in delving deeper into the realm of modern classic design, guiding you to a world of sophistication and opulence, where the past seamlessly merges with the present. Immerse yourself in the creative fusion and indulge in the timeless beauty it unveils.

Neo-classical design in a Phu My Hung villaThe sophisticated, prestigious, and symmetrical arrangement characteristic of the neo-classical interior design style

What characterizes neo-classical interior design?

Neo-classic interior design is a harmonious combination of two elements: refined classicism and contemporary simplicity, infused with a hint of European flair. It differs slightly from traditional classic design as it emphasizes minimalism. In this style, intricate details and elaborate patterns are eschewed in favor of subtlety. Aiming to achieve a harmonious spatial balance.

Consequently, living spaces designed in the neo-classical style become warm, elegant, and serene. This is achieved through the simplification of complex ornamentation and clutter, focusing instead on the overall harmony of the living space. It entails distilling the essence of classic design and merging it with modern technology, ultimately resulting in streamlined elegance.

Neo-classical design in a Phu My Hung villaThe subtle elegance, yet equally dignified, lends an air of refinement to the restroom area

Characteristics of the neo-classical design style

Soft and harmonious lines

This style often employs soft and flowing lines, creating a sense of harmony between elements. This, in turn, enhances the balance and aesthetic appeal of the overall residence.

Distinctiveness in every details

Neo-classical style typically emphasizes meticulousness and complexity in details, from the selection of patterns to the sharpness of each element, ensuring suitability for the entirety of the space.

Meticulous in every details

Elegant Color Palette

In neo-classical interior design, color schemes often consist of neutral tones or pastels, intended to evoke a sense of refinement and sophistication.

Emphasis on Open Space and Natural Light

Neo-classical style frequently incorporates open spaces, creating a sense of airiness and expansiveness. Priority is given to utilizing natural light sources to accentuate the beauty of the space and evoke a feeling of comfort and freshness.

Exquisite Selection of Furniture and Décor

The fusion of classical beauty and modern elegance often revolves around the careful selection and use of high-quality furniture and premium décor items with impeccable design, aiming to deliver luxury, aesthetic appeal, and, above all, durability.

Neo-classical design in a Phu My Hung villaNeo-classic design prioritizes the use of high-quality materials

The Practical Application of Neo-Classical Design

So how is the neo-classic design style applied? Let’s explore it through Bsmart’s latest project. Which is a 500m2 residence located in the most prestigious urban area of Ho Chi Minh City. This project aims to provide you with a comprehensive understanding, making it easier for you to select furniture, colors, and styles for your living space.


The kitchen is often regarded as the heart of the home, where the flame is kept alive, fostering connections among family members. The neo-classical style brings essential comfort, along with a cozy ambiance created by neutral colors. Accompanied by decorative patterns reminiscent of classical influences, a neo-classical kitchen embodies the necessary harmony for an elegant villa.

Smart storage solutions ensure the kitchen remains tidy while preserving the harmony and convenience of the space.

Neo-classical design in a Phu My Hung villaThe villa’s kitchen in Phu My Hung is designed in a neo-classical style


The bedroom is considered a private sanctuary, a place to rest and unwind after a long, tiring day. Therefore, using neutral or dark color palettes will create a warm and comfortable space. Additionally, incorporating natural materials contributes to establishing a serene and tranquil atmosphere.

Furthermore, decorative elements are essential in this space. Additionally, in the neo-classical style, the presence of a dressing room in the bedroom is always emphasized. This area showcases the sophistication and individuality of the homeowner.

Neo-classical design in a Phu My Hung villaThe design of this bedroom is warm and luxurious, following the neo-classic style 

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Lastly, the bathroom, an exceedingly significant space in every household, serves as a daily sanctuary for bathing, personal hygiene, and indulging in moments of privacy. Therefore, incorporating the neo-classical style into the design and decoration of the bathroom will create a space that is comfortable, functional, and profoundly relaxing whenever the homeowner steps in.

Typically, neutral or white colors should be utilized, along with materials such as natural stone and tiles, to establish an overall sense of cleanliness and comfort throughout the room. Additionally, it is imperative to design the bathroom intelligently and according to daily usage needs, ensuring ample storage space and convenience for all family members.

The bathroom is designed in white, neo-classical style at the Phu My Hung villa


From the above suggestions, the neo-classical wil always be a trend that catch multitude of people’s attenttion. This is due to the exquisite combination of rich classical elegance and the modernity of the era. By leveraging characteristic elements such as the use of premium materials including wood and natural stone, the neo-classical style brings forth an impression of sophistication, class, and allure to every space within the home like never before.

Therefore, the neo-classical style is undoubtedly an option that cannot be overlooked. Especially if you are seeking a unique and prestigious design style for your home

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