Pour Homme – A Minimalist Dressing Room for Accomplished Men

Wardrobes not only serve to store and protect clothing but also provide an excellent solution for hiding room imperfections. In addition, they enhance the aesthetic appeal of the bedroom space. For busy, successful individuals, a dressing room design must meet two criteria: practical use and reflecting the user’s unique personality.

As urban life becomes more chaotic and work piles up, people gravitate towards the most refined and essential things. Thus, the “Less is more” philosophy emerged, marking the beginning of the “Pour Homme” era.

Pour Homme - A Minimalist Dressing Room for Accomplished Men

The “Minimalist” Lifestyle in Bsmart Dressing Rooms

Minimalism, a design style established by renowned designers in 1917, manifests in lifestyle, philosophy, fashion, painting, and architecture. As life becomes more hectic, there’s a trend towards “streamlining” one’s spiritual life, replacing extravagance with practical items, and creating a personal space of tranquility.

Pour Homme embodies this spirit, focusing on fundamental, long-lasting values instead of amassing a bit of everything. Accordingly, the layout of a Pour Homme dressing room emphasizes robustness for men, with smart storage solutions that make it easy for homeowners to organize and find their favorite accessories and clothes. Therefore, its smart and convenient features save time, an invaluable aspect for successful individuals.

Pour Homme - A Minimalist Dressing Room for Accomplished Men

Key Decor Elements of “Pour Homme”

“Orderly” – “Compact” – “Simple” are the three adjectives that best describe Pour Homme. As a result, this design stands out with its incredibly strong and attractive aesthetics without relying on ornate patterns or bright colors.

To maximize space, the dressing room is divided into two parts: one side features enclosed cabinets, and the other has an open hanging system designed for storage and display. Furthermore, an island table is positioned in the center and serves as a place to store men’s jewelry. To complement the elegance of the beautiful suit and tie, the company of a rare watch is necessary.

Pour Homme combines flat wood surfaces, crisp lines, and basic shapes to create a sense of peace and calm for the owner.

Simple but Not Boring

Though Pour Homme leans towards minimalism, it excels by emphasizing multitasking in every layout and detail. This unique design style creates a tidy, warm living space, helping homeowners achieve ultimate mental freedom.

In both Pour Homme specifically and minimalist design in general, light is the soul of the living space. Minimalist architectural styles can feel cold and empty if overly focused on white. Therefore, Bsmart’s dressing rooms incorporate wood’s warm brown tones, balancing the deep warmth of wood with ample natural light to create a clean, elegant, and warmly beautiful open space.

To avoid monotony, a stylishly cut mirror can enhance aesthetics and create edgy, tasteful effects for the dressing room.

Pour Homme - A Minimalist Dressing Room for Accomplished Men


A minimalist dressing room like Pour Homme is sure to impress even the most discerning customers. With extensive consulting experience and high-quality craftsmanship, Bsmart takes pride in its traditional techniques and passionate products. Visit Bsmart to directly experience the “Pour Homme” design style and other collections.

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