The Walk-in Closet: An Intersection of Interior and Fashion

Each individual’s character and personal style can be seen through their fashion choices and their living space. Fashion isn’t just about appearance—it’s a lifestyle, a means of expressing creativity and personal worldview. The way we dress and accessorize mirrors how we arrange our home furniture.

Coco Chanel once said, “Fashion is architecture: it’s a matter of proportions”. The fashion and architecture worlds have seen many collaborations, such as fashion designers venturing into interior design, and architects designing high-end fashion stores. Examples include the Whitney Bag by Michael Kors, designed with architect Renzo Piano and Max Mara, or the IKEA furniture collection by renowned fashion designer Virgil Abloh.

These collaborations show that fashion and interior architecture have been intertwined for a long time. One space that epitomizes this intersection is the Walk-in Closet. Other than enhancing the aesthetics of a residential project and providing convenience, Walk-in Closets also protect clothes and accessories from dust and insects. They provide a space for creativity, outfit mix-and-matching, and personal fashion exploration.

With clothing on one side and space on the other, they create an intersection, a place to express individuality, aesthetic taste, and lifestyle. A Walk-in Closet is not a mandatory space in a home, but it makes a strong statement about the owner. People have evolved from desiring “food and warmth” to craving “delicious food and beautiful clothes”.

We want to not just wear clothes, but also store and arrange them neatly. The need for a space where we can freely create with fashion and pamper luxury accessories only arises when we’re materially fulfilled. Hence, a Walk-in Closet is more than just a dressing room.

The owner of a Walk-in Closet in Phu Yen is a successful businessman. The dressing room, spanning 200 square meters, symbolizes the owner’s success and prosperity. The owner’s aesthetic sense of interior space merges with their love for fashion, resulting in a sophisticated, luxurious space that reflects their personal ego and societal respect.