Walk-in Closet “Refuge Glamour”- The Nucleus of Design

The Walk-in Closet or Dressing Room may seem like just a storage space to many, but for the affluent, it’s a miniature “fashion capital”. It’s where they express their personality and passion for fashion. “Refuge Glamour” draws inspiration from the lifestyle of “Quiet Luxury”. A subtle luxury without ostentation is what the elite seek. The spirit of “quiet luxury” aims for simplicity, and elegance, with a touch of modesty. Nevertheless, it doesn’t devalue luxurious products. By transitioning through subtle touches in materials, styles, and living spaces, the “Refuge Glamour” style is gradually asserting its position among fashion enthusiasts.

Walk-in Closet “Refuge Glamour”- The Nucleus of Design

The “Quiet Luxury” style breathes life into the Walk-in Closet

Popularized for centuries among the elite, even dating back to the Renaissance in Italy, one of the world’s fashion cradles, the aristocrats had their unique way of showcasing their prosperity. They entrusted skilled tailors to tailor bespoke outfits. And of course, these outfits had to be personalized and of the highest quality.

With premium fabrics, intricate embroidery, and delicate color combinations, “quiet luxury” projects sophistication. Over time, “quiet luxury” transcends the boundaries of fashion to become a lifestyle, entering the world of interior design.

In interior architecture, this design approach prioritizes simplicity while maintaining high standards of aesthetics and craftsmanship. Although a product may appear straightforward initially, it involves hundreds of hours of meticulous craftsmanship, with each detail holding immense value. From another perspective, one could acknowledge it as a new form of minimalism, an upgraded version of the previous plain and template-based minimalism trend.

Bsmart pursues the “Quiet Luxurian” clientele – the discreetly wealthy clients. Because they value ownership and have a discerning taste in aesthetics. Therefore, “Refuge Glamour” was born to shape a new trend in walk-in closet design, satisfying even the most demanding elites.

Walk-in Closet “Refuge Glamour”- The Nucleus of Design

The captivating beauty of the “Refuge Glamour” Walk-in Closet

The design of the dressing room mainly focuses on three color palettes: black, deep brown, and antique gold. Overall, they create a mysterious and mystical atmosphere. The design language carries a strong and powerful imprint of authority. To add more highlights to the room, Bsmart has chosen antique gold for the door systems and drawers. Combined with dim lighting effects, the room becomes even more enchanting.

Bsmart carefully considers the accompanying materials. To enhance the luxury of the walk-in closet, we use velvet carpet instead of wooden floors. It not only enhances the aesthetics but also provides a soft footing for the room’s owner. We also incorporate the use of velvet or premium leather in lining the drawer compartments and display shelves. This will not only highlight but also preserve valuable jewelry and high-end handbags.

If “Pour Ellen” stands out with an open display system, making you feel like you’re stepping into a high-end boutique, then “Refuge Glamour,” as its name suggests, is a mysterious sanctuary, transparent and glittering with glass doors separating each chamber.

With the allure of “Refuge Glamour,” it can please the most sophisticated gentlemen and the most fashionable gentlewomen. This walk-in closet is best suited for those who prefer a large master dressing room.

Walk-in Closet “Refuge Glamour”- The Nucleus of Design


With years of dedication in the luxury furniture industry, Bsmart prioritizes quality finishing and customer experience. Every design and selection is customized to meet individual needs. So, allow us to listen to your desires to possess your very own Refuge Glamour. Your classy lifestyle starts from here.

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