Welcoming Tet Holiday with smart kitchens from Bsmart

As the old year draws to a close and Tet approaches, those who have journeyed far anticipate their homecoming, eager to revel in the memories that flood their homes and share a warm meal with loved ones. The kitchen, during these final days of the year, is a hub of activity, bustling with people, brimming with dishes and pots, and echoing with laughter and love. In an effort to transform year-end meals from a source of stress into a symbol of unity and affection, many are turning their attention to high-quality, functional kitchen cabinets.

Today, we are delighted to present to our esteemed customers three popular kitchen cabinet models from our collection. Each model has unique features designed to cater to a different customer group. We invite you to explore each model, to delve into the details of each product.

With Bsmart kitchens, we hope to make this Tet memorable by adding a touch of tranquility, peace, and joy.


The Grandique II kitchen cabinet, with its wooden accents, seamlessly blends classic interior style with natural beauty. The rustic charm of natural wood is flawlessly preserved and highlighted on delicately carved lines, reflecting the deep soul of the homeowner. Grandique II is synonymous with sustainability, in terms of material, design, craftsmanship, and its enduring relationship with homeowners.


Inspired by the resilient lotus flower, the Lotus kitchen cabinet embodies simplicity in its design, with straight lines and clean cuts. This simplicity conceals an elegant and noble strength. The Lotus model features an integrated utility system designed to provide you with convenience and luxury.


The Neo Fit kitchen cabinet is a fusion of square and round shapes. Crafted with care by Bsmart artisans, these shapes are arranged to create a youthful, elegant, and dynamic space. Designed to inspire, the Neo Fit kitchen is not just for cooking, but also a space for art and creativity. Popular among our younger customers, the Neo Fit model stands out for its simple yet profound architectural lines.