Bsmart Craftsman: 40 Years of Tradition, An Uncompromising Spirit

Since its establishment in 1974 in the Nam Dinh countryside, Bsmart has been upholding the core values of Vietnamese carpentry, producing handcrafted furniture with human strength and precision. In 2010, the Bsmart bespoke furniture brand was founded with the goal of preserving these roots and elevating traditional craftsmanship.

At Bsmart, we have craftsmen, not just “workers”. Each member of Bsmart has spent years honing their craft. They not only have a passion for and dedication to the profession, but also a responsibility to preserve the echoes of the old carpentry workshop, maintaining and developing the essence built by our ancestors over four decades ago.

In today’s modern society, where mass production and fast consumption are the trend, Bsmart remains committed to handcrafting furniture tailored to each customer’s living space. Although this process takes longer and requires more skill, each piece of bespoke furniture is a unique work of art, imbued with soul at every touch point.

Mastering the craft is not easy. Thus, for over a decade, Bsmart has not only curated but also created opportunities for craftsmen to learn, practice, and enhance their techniques. Skilled hands, professional knowledge, passion, and appreciation of materials have enabled Bsmart’s team to deliver perfect products.

Our customers are successful individuals who have striven to become the best in their fields, contributing much value to society and the community. We believe that you deserve the most premium and original furniture to create a living space filled with emotion and the pride of Vietnamese craftsmanship.

We are extremely proud and honored to accompany you on this special journey.