Kitchen feng shui taboos that everyone should know

According to feng shui housing, the kitchen is the heart of the whole house, where fire energy originates, which can destroy negative energy. However, if the kitchen is not placed in the right position in accordance with the general feng shui of the house, the energy, vitality as well as prosperity of the house will be destroyed. Therefore, homeowners need to pay special attention to some issues that may affect the layout of the kitchen feng shui to preserve the family’s fortunes.

Taboo materials and items in feng shui kitchen

According to the concept of the Five Elements, kitchen feng shui belongs to the Five Elements of Fire. The characteristic of Fire is to bring positive energy, typically light, happiness or strong emotions, explosiveness and brutality. The flip side of Fire symbolizes aggression and war. Therefore, if the Fire stove is too strong, it will have a negative effect on the family peace.

Many people love to decorate the kitchen with pictures, trees, wooden furniture … However, according to feng shui experts, this can increase the Five Elements of Fire excessively, inadvertently facilitating quarrels, emotional breakdowns, and fractures in family relationships. According to the mutualistic relationship in the Five Elements, Fire is born due to Wood. Remember this phrase carefully: “Plants make bait to kindle red fire”, do not use too many items, kitchen furniture has wood materials to increase Fire. Instead, homeowners should use more different materials to restore peace, inhibit the outbreak of Fire.

On the other hand, according to the reciprocal relationship in the Five Elements, Fire also inscribes Shui: “Water Fire is incompatible.” Therefore, items related to “water” such as sinks, refrigerators, washing machines also need to be arranged accordingly. Specifically, the kitchen should not be sandwiched between these items, around the kitchen should not build water lines, drains, trenches …

The direction of placing the kitchen according to the kitchen feng shui

According to the “Eight Trach Ming Glass” – a very famous ancient book about feng shui: “the kitchen placed on the destiny of Wood towards evil is good, put on the destiny of Wood towards good is evil”. In addition, according to some ancient feng shui concepts, the kitchen feng shui should be placed in the position of “sand direction”, that is, put the kitchen in the direction of evil looking in the direction of good as well. As mentioned above, the kitchen belongs to Fire, so if the kitchen is placed in the “hung” direction, it will have the effect of suppressing negative energy, bringing vitality to the house, just as we often say: “meet good evil”.

Fire gas from the kitchen can suppress bad air coming from outside, and also has the effect of regulating good airflow to improve the air flow of the whole house effectively. According to housing feng shui theory, Fire Qiu can dispel everything bad and leave only good things.

In the directions East, West, South, North, East direction is the best direction for kitchen feng shui. Besides, there are also directions such as Northeast, South and West itself. The directions that turn away from the main direction of the house are considered the dark direction to place the kitchen.

In addition, there is one thing homeowners also need to keep in mind so as not to apply the kitchen direction mechanically:

The kitchen door depends on the main door of the house (e.g. East or West Bureau), so which direction the door is placed.

The direction of the kitchen is the direction of the back of the cook, whichever direction the cook will turn his back, it is the direction of the kitchen. In the East, the kitchen belongs to the East direction, the West destiny, the kitchen must belong to the West direction. If you do the opposite, the cook will suffer conflict, be prone to disease, sickness …

Lighting according to feng shui kitchen

In feng shui, light connects people to energy sources. Lighting for the kitchen in particular as well as house lighting in general has two main types: natural light and artificial light.

Natural light is the result of the design and layout of the kitchen direction. East and West are directions with a lot of light. However, the West as shared is not suitable for kitchen arrangements with harsh lighting.

The kitchen area is usually designed without many windows, so natural light from outside is also limited. To increase light, homeowners can design more “skylights” or use luminous devices such as glass, metal …

There are two most important things for a beautiful and good kitchen: space and lighting. Taking advantage of natural light is the best thing, but if this is not possible, choose artificial light sources accordingly and pay attention to some issues such as:

Avoid using dim lights from colored bulbs, which will cause eye discomfort during cooking.

Avoid using yellow light, because yellow will evoke a feeling of drowsiness, making the atmosphere when cooking will become heavier and more tired.

The kitchen area is inherently lifeless (cooking live items as the main item), homeowners should use white light to increase the vitality of the kitchen.

The use of fluorescent bulbs is not as good as the use of round bulbs or chandeliers. The light from the chandelier will be brighter and clearer, without being dazzled.

Included with the lamps are tools to adjust the level of brightness and darkness, this not only gives the room the right light but also maximizes energy usage.

If the kitchen has north-facing windows, it will receive a lot of light from the sun, so do not arrange additional lights to avoid creating light conflicts that make the space more stressful.

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