Post – Lunar New Year Kitchen Cleaning Tips

The kitchen, a hub of activity during the year-end, new year’s, and Lunar New Year’s festivities, often ends up in a state of disorder with lingering food smells. As we transition back to our regular lives and work routines, it’s essential to restore the kitchen to its clean and organized state. This not only saves cooking time but also allows for relaxation after stressful workdays. But how do we clean the kitchen effectively, especially considering the different materials involved?

In this article, Bsmart will guide you through the process of rejuvenating your kitchen, making it tidy, fragrant, and long-lasting.

Cleaning Wooden Furniture

Kitchen cabinets, often made of durable yet temperamental material, require special care. During the cleaning process, avoid using regular kitchen or bathroom detergents as the chemicals can damage the surface of the cabinets.

In humid weather, when the air is heavy with moisture, keep windows and doors shut to prevent condensation. This can lead to mold growth, particularly if there’s dust on the surface, thereby affecting the quality and lifespan of your cabinets.

For daily cleaning, a feather duster or dry cloth will suffice. If the wood is dirty, use a damp cloth, rinsed and wrung out thoroughly, then follow up with a dry wipe. It’s best to use a specialized wood furniture cleaner and minimize contact with water.

Cleaning Metal Items

Improper cleaning can cause metal items to rust. Instead of using potentially harmful household cleaners, consider natural alternatives like lemon or baking soda. Always wipe with a dry cloth and avoid using a wet one. For accessories like lifting springs, clean with machine oil, then apply a little lubricating oil to prevent rusting.

For stainless steel or enamel pots, pans, and clay pots, first remove the sticky grease with hot water, then use baking soda or fine salt to scrub the surfaces.

Cleaning Glass Surfaces

Use only glass cleaner and a soft cloth for glass surfaces. Avoid sharp or rough objects that could cause scratches.

Don’t forget to bring fragrance into the Kitchen

Cleanliness is not enough – the scent in the kitchen plays a role in the cook’s mindset. After big parties, the kitchen can easily be overrun with food smells. Fresh fragrances can cleanse the atmosphere, lighten the mental load, and enhance your mood.

A simple way to start is with flowers. Not only do fresh flower vases brighten up the kitchen, but they also emit a scent that counters unpleasant odors. Alternatively, hang bunches of herbs in a corner or create natural ingredient fragrance sprays like lemon, mint, and thyme.

A bright, clean, and fragrant kitchen will surely encourage you to adopt healthy, green, and clean eating habits for the new year!