Walk-in Closet Configurations: Popular Arrangements

A walk-in closet is like a priceless piece of jewelry, enhancing the beauty of the living space as well as the prestige of its owner. Originating in the 1980s in the United States, the concept of a changing room refers to spacious rooms for storing clothing, providing ample space for the owner to comfortably choose and change outfits on the spot. Evolving from a simple storage room hidden behind the bedroom wall, the walk-in closet has now become a “statement of beauty” and a “sanctuary” for any fashion enthusiast.

Walk-in Closet Configurations: Popular Arrangements

Walk-in Closet – How to Arrange It Properly?

Typically used in villas or large apartments, walk-in closets come in a myriad of layouts and styles, each with its unique advantages tailored to the space and the needs of the owner. Therefore, the design of a walk-in closet should come with the intention to accommodate every area within the room.

L-Shaped Layout

Quite popular in walk-in closet designs, this layout utilizes two walls to create storage space. In addition, place the wardrobe opposite the entrance to leave space for easy movement.

Island Layout

An island increases storage capacity and serves as a focal point for the walk-in closet’s aesthetics. Accordingly, it includes shelves, and drawers, along with seating space for relaxation while changing clothes. Like the L-shaped design, an island requires a medium to large space.

Partitioned Layout

Clothes, shoes, and jewelry are organized by separate partitions, giving the changing room a neat and organized appearance. Thus, this layout is most suitable for large homes.

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Common Walk-in Closet Types

Independent Dressing Room

In luxurious master bedrooms, walk-in closets are typically located outside and adjacent to the bathroom. Therefore, this arrangement offers convenience for the owner to move seamlessly between the dressing room, bathroom, and bedroom.

Integrated Bedroom Walk-in Closet

Many owners prefer a dressing space designed directly within the bedroom because it offers ease of access and application. This setup eliminates the need for a separate area for the walk-in closet. Instead, a system of wardrobes is placed opposite or next to the bed, sometimes with partitions and sometimes without.

An example is the D’Palace design, a luxury walk-in closet integrated within the bedroom, serving as the central attraction in the room. The product combines modern vibes with a touch of classic, featuring high-quality mirror-gloss paint and warm wood tones. Therefore, D’Palace stands out for its understated elegance and regal sophistication.

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Integrated Bathroom Walk-in Closet

Many homeowners favor the final type because they can place the dressing room within the bathroom, effectively separating it with clear partitions. This design not only saves space but also ensures convenience. In addition, it’s recommended to use glass doors for wardrobes and partitions to avoid moisture.

In the actual project Villa Salla II, designers chose mystical black glass for the wardrobe because of its ease of maintenance and convenience in organizing clothes. Additionally, glass partitions separate the bathroom and storage area, creating a passageway in between.

Walk-in Closet Configurations: Popular Arrangements


Over time, the walk-in closet has transformed from a hidden storage room into a symbol of beauty and luxury in the fashion world. The presence of a walk-in closet not only elevates the living space but also reflects the owner’s artistic preferences. Therefore, a walk-in closet is not merely a part of the house but a place to nurture and celebrate beauty, bringing joy and inspiration to daily life.

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