Walk-in Closet: Contemporary Design Trend

A hallmark of luxury living is epitomized by the modern walk-in closet. As interior design trends evolve continuously, the demand for personalized walk-in closets has surged, particularly among Vietnam’s upper class and elite.

At Bsmart, we offer a diverse range of design styles to cater to discerning clientele. While the D’Palace collection showcases luxurious neo-classical designs, Refuge Glamour entices with a mysterious allure, Pour Ellen exudes timeless elegance, and Classic embodies aristocratic sophistication. Let’s delve into the exquisite design trends available for walk-in closets at Bsmart.

Walk-in Closet: Contemporary Design Trend

A Symphony of Light in Walk-in Closets

Lighting plays a pivotal role in every space, especially for those embracing a luxurious lifestyle. In accordance, a crystal chandelier can illuminate the dressing room, transforming its ambiance into a modern and captivating space. Integrated LED lights on shelves further highlight valuable items and simplify searching. Additionally, the automatic sensor LED lights inside cabinets will also help illuminate upon opening, which enhances user’s convenience.

Since walk-in closets are strategically designed to maximize natural light, infusing warmth and vibrancy into the room, Details such as wooden shelves, glass doors, and metal handles radiate even more under natural sunlight, creating a vibrant atmosphere.

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Handle-less or With Handles? Small Details with Big Impact

To align with modern trends and elevate user experience, contemporary walk-in closet designs predominantly feature handle-less, smooth-surfaced cabinets. Thus enabling a simple touch or gentle push mechanism that ensures effortless, noiseless opening and closing.

Walk-in Closet: Contemporary Design Trend

Smooth-surfaced cabinets present a sleek, polished appearance, enhancing the overall aesthetic of the room. Handle-less furniture complements modern and minimalist designs, prioritizing comfort and functionality.

Conversely, classic, luxurious, or neo-classical designs favor cabinets with handles. Although small, these handles serve as focal points, adding sophistication to the walk-in closet. As a result, homeowners often opt for custom handle designs, typically choosing metallic finishes like brass or coordinating colors to match the cabinet design.

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The Island Table – A Fashion Oasis in Your Dressing Space

For high-end master walk-in closets, an island table is indispensable. It enhances utility by maximizing storage capacity and serves as a hallmark of luxury and uniqueness.

While the top drawer is often crafted from glass, facilitating easy retrieval of valuable jewelry, other drawers typically feature premium wood with customizable surfaces tailored to the homeowner’s preferences.

Walk-in Closet: Contemporary Design Trend

Harmonious Combination of Glass and Solid Doors

Walk-in closets are often referred to as “fashion runways” for fashion enthusiasts. In turn, luxurious dressing rooms with open designs or glass doors enhance wardrobe connectivity and proudly display the homeowner’s cherished collection.

However, not all items need to be on display. Solid doors are ideal for storing off-season items, small accessories, or items requiring protection from dust and light.

Combining open spaces with glass and solid doors creates a visually appealing and practical walk-in closet, enhancing its elegance and functionality.

Walk-in Closet: Contemporary Design Trend

Bold Colors in Walk-in Closets

Luxury dressing rooms typically adopt neutral color schemes that withstand the test of time while retaining their elegance. However, to showcase personality and accentuate the homeowner’s style, bold colors are strategically introduced as accents in the walk-in closet.

Colors like red, orange, blue, or emerald green inject freshness and serve as focal points that capture attention.

Additionally, incorporating brightly colored interior decorations such as table lamps, rugs, or leather chairs adds vibrancy without compromising aesthetic harmony.

Walk-in Closet: Contemporary Design Trend


Indulging in a fashion passion within a walk-in closet that embodies personal style and contemporary flair is a dream for many. Therefore, selecting a reputable, high-quality provider is crucial. Bsmart, with over 10 years of expertise in crafting luxurious living spaces, commits to delivering top-notch services and solutions to our esteemed clientele. Your trust and satisfaction drive Bsmart’s continuous growth and future success.

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