What is special about BSMART branded luxury bedrooms?

More than 13 years bring masterpieces to high-class living spaces. BSMART has been bringing perfection to each space in the house. In particular, there is a space that is always focused, focusing a lot of effort right from the design stage. It is also the place to most clearly evaluate the aesthetics of the homeowner and the capacity of the design unit provided – the bedroom. BSMART branded bedrooms often change according to the personality and habits of the homeowner. But there’s one thing that’s been immutable for years. It is a parallel of class and utility.

Personalized designs in each product

Make a name for yourself with classy “tailored” interior masterpieces. Just like other spaces in the house. Every detail, every product placed in the bedroom from the dressing table, bed, wardrobe, shelves has its own personality and color. Sometimes soft curves, sometimes square pieces. Sometimes it is a typical Nordic breath tone, but sometimes it is the natural breath of natural woods. They are all highly personalized and certainly do not overlap nor can be seen in two places.

The bedroom is inherently a private space, where the living activities of each individual in the family take place. Therefore, possessiveness and personalization are always pushed to the top. To be able to like BSMART create personalization right from the products. The most important thing is to spend time and effort researching the personality habits of the owner. A job that requires professionalism and dedication and long experience in the profession.

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Bsmart’s masterpieces are often in this space

The common point in BSMART’s bedroom design is the minimalism of items. Create optimal ventilation of the area to always feel spacious even when there is a lack of land. Because of that, the items placed in the bedroom are always minimalist as much as possible.

In this space, BSMART usually only arranges necessary items including: Bed, bedside tap, storage shelves for entertainment facilities and sometimes a few more tall cabinets where the owner’s preferences are displayed.

Most importantly, all of them are maximized in function to ensure convenience for homeowners. How to make even a few items, but they meet all the functions and do not need to add anything in the process of living. And each product is meticulously crafted by the hands of BSMART artisans. Made from the most advanced materials, the most modern technology. They are masterpieces, even if not alone is enough to attract any fastidious guest.

And all these products share the same concept with the overall house. The reason must be so, because even if it is beautiful, but not synchronized with the whole, it becomes difficult to be comprehensive.

Fashionable space in large bedrooms

Another interesting point in BSMART’s design style is the separation of the dressing and makeup space from the bedroom. This is one of BSMART’s many unique subtleties. With that design, even if you are late or early to work. You can comfortably change clothes and do personal work while your partner is still asleep.

More importantly, the dressing space is enough to accommodate the owner’s fashion collection. And it’s easy for them to become catwaks, into closed spaces where homeowners immerse themselves in their own fashion kingdom.

BSMART’s bedroom always brings satisfaction to its customers. The characteristics in each product to the breakthroughs in the design style. Bringing perfection in high-class living space to Vietnamese people.

A few notes in the bedroom design in the villas according to Bsmart

It is a space to rest and relax: It can be said that the bedroom is the space that each person will use the most, a place to rest, relax, restore spirit and health after a long day of tiring and hard work and energize for the following days. Therefore, the quality of modern villa bedroom space greatly affects the quality of living as well as the spirit and health of each person.

Inside the splendid lavish villas, the owner’s bedroom is always focused on meticulous design. The master bedroom is the largest bedroom in the house, usually used for couples. This is a carefully invested bedroom, prioritizing a large area, integrating some more utilities for life, as well as the most comfortable interior. It can be a European-style bedroom, sophisticated and luxurious furniture with chandeliers, night lamps, antique clocks, antique vases … Or it can also be modern, minimalist, light, patternless bedrooms … But the common point between them is that they both bring maximum utility to homeowners. And usually a complete master bedroom will be arranged into many small spaces such as dressing rooms, restrooms, bedrooms … Besides, it is important for all bedroom villa designs to have enough natural light, regardless of whether the bedroom is large or small.

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