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Our ancestors in Vietnam have long been renowned for their skilled craftsmanship and abundant creative inspiration. Traditional craft villages span from the South to the North, leaving behind a vast treasure trove of cultural and artistic heritage, from painting to architectural design. Stemming from a desire to preserve and enhance the value of traditional woodworking craftsmanship, Bsmart has always pursued handmade furniture production since its establishment while refusing mass production. The use of diverse materials and traditional craftsmanship in dressing room furniture production has brought both artistic and material value. Through meticulous finishing details, the cultural and labor beauty of the artisan at Bsmart becomes ever more prominently honored.

Care begins with the careful handling of wood

Natural wood has always been the key material in interior design. Since ancient times, the noble class has known how to “play” with wood to demonstrate their sophistication. The rarer the wood, the richer its color, and the more distinct its grain, the more it is favored. Thus, compared to other interior materials such as rattan and synthetic wicker, natural wood is more durable and maintains its beauty over time.

However, due to the hot and humid climate, natural wood door systems are prone to swelling, leading to issues like warping and difficulty in opening and closing. Not to mention the high risk of termite infestation if not meticulously processed.

Dressing Room Bsmart - Authentic Vietnamese Excellence

Bsmart’s strength lies in construction and finishing. Before a product reaches the customer, there is a meticulous wood processing process. Accordingly, the quality must meet standards, thereby extending the product lifecycle. Built-in wall-to-wall furniture takes longer to complete in exchange for an incredibly satisfactory end result. A solid, seamless, and refined shelf system with no gap for imperfection. To complement this the exquisite floral patterns represent the pinnacle of craftsmanship by Bsmart artisans.

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Enhancing the dressing room space with diverse materials

Lacquer (Vietnamese lacquer)

Lacquer is one of the traditional materials widely used in painting. When skillfully applied to furniture, it brings a novel, elegant, and nostalgic feeling of ancient East Asia beauty. Depending on the design intent, it can be applied to cabinet surfaces, hanging paintings, or even large wall panels.

Lacquer can also be combined with wood to create aesthetically pleasing products with sturdy structures and harmonious curves that match the wood grain color.

Dressing Room Bsmart - Authentic Vietnamese Excellence

Inox, a sparkling highlight for luxury dressing rooms

Inox, also known as stainless steel, sees wide use in furniture production due to its excellent properties, including durability, resistance to rust, and ease of maintenance.

Luxury dressing room designs often use stainless steel for handles, cabinet edges, and hanging systems. Refuge Glamour is a standout design that cleverly uses this material to add a mysterious and luxurious touch to the entire room.

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Dressing Room Bsmart - Authentic Vietnamese Excellence

Soft living space with Porcelain and Velvet, Silk

Vietnamese porcelain is a precious traditional material with a lineage spanning thousands of years. Therefore, the Vietnamese people consider it to be the cultural essence and pride. The intricacy in craftsmanship and unique patterns make porcelain an ideal decorative item for dressing room spaces. Decorative items made of porcelain include wall lamps, desk lamps to beautify dressing tables, etc.

Velvet and traditional woven fabrics like brocade and linen are not only beautiful but also showcase the skill and creativity of the Vietnamese people. Thus, in dressing rooms, designers often use them to cover chairs, floor mats, or curtains.

Dressing Room Bsmart - Authentic Vietnamese Excellence


Using Vietnamese materials in walk-in closet production not only enhances high aesthetic value but also contributes to sustainable development and environmental protection. This not only increases the value of furniture products but also contributes to preserving and promoting the traditional cultural beauty of the nation.

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