Unique highlights for a modern dressing room

For fashion fanatics, the dressing room is a premium stage where they showcase their class with expensive outfits and limited-edition accessories. Therefore, the elite have very stringent requirements when choosing a dressing room design. It must not only meet diverse storage needs but also maintain its appeal over time. Furthermore, people increasingly value integrating technology into living spaces to enhance the living experience in today’s ever-evolving technological world.

Accordingly, Bsmart carefully tailors every detail in its dressing rooms to ensure aesthetic appeal and provide convenience for the homeowner’s modern lifestyle.

Unique highlights for a modern dressing room

Sensor Lighting

Upon entering a Bsmart dressing room, you will typically find three common types of lighting. First, there are luxurious chandeliers to create an opulent focal point. Next, LED lights are integrated into the shelves and accessory displays to highlight the items. Lastly, there are ceiling lights for overall illumination. When opening the closet, the lights will automatically turn on at a low intensity to improve visibility, helping to avoid discomfort or eye strain.

Unique highlights for a modern dressing roomUnique highlights for a modern dressing room

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Footrest for the Dressing Room

A luxurious dressing room cannot be without a place for users to sit and try on shoes or simply to admire their collection. Therefore, any walk-in closet benefits from a small leather chair or a sofa placed in the room.

Unique highlights for a modern dressing room

Adding Technology to the Dressing Room

Luxury fashion brands often make their products from rare natural materials, especially materials like natural silk wool, animal hides, etc., which are even harder to maintain. These items usually need to be dry-cleaned and stored in a place with suitable humidity, away from direct sunlight. On the contrary, with a high-end custom wall-to-wall furniture designer like Bsmart, customers can easily request the installation of smart clothing care cabinets in their dressing rooms for elevated convenience at a reasonable cost.

Unique highlights for a modern dressing room

Integrated Automatic Charging

Exposing electrical outlets can detract from the overall aesthetic of the dressing room design. Thus, in Bsmart’s dressing room designs, charging outlets are often hidden in drawer cabinets or recessed below tabletops to enhance aesthetics. Designers can also integrate wireless charging for phones into island countertops or vanity tables, providing convenience for users.


Bsmart’s products not only possess exquisite and artistic value but also fully meet the needs and lifestyles of each customer. Dressing rooms with a strong European aesthetic combined with modern technology are a hallmark of Bsmart.

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